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Sneakers have evolved from their humble beginnings as simple athletic shoes to become a powerful symbol of identity and self-expression for millions of people worldwide. Sneaker culture, with its roots in sports, music, and fashion, transcends borders and brings together enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

We explore how and why sneaker culture has become a unifying force, connecting people across the globe and fostering a shared passion for style, creativity, and community.

For sneaker enthusiasts, displaying their prized collection is an art form. At Sole Goods. we take it a step further by offering unique neon signs in the iconic silhouettes of Air Jordan 1, Air Max 1, and Yeezy350v2 sneakers. Elevate your sneaker display with these stylish, eye-catching neon signs that perfectly capture the essence of each design.



Thank you SG! I have just opened up one of their neon sneaker lamps and couldn't believe how good the craftsmanship is, outstanding work :)

Henry B


Hi, I ordered a AJ1 Neon Sneaker Lamp and i must say the shipping was very fast. I received my item in 6 days from when i ordered it. The packaging was nice and strong, i could tell there was a lot of effort put into these. Thank you Sole Goods.

Abigail M


Big fan of Sole Goods since you started posted on Instagram almost a year ago, love your news feed and I'm seriously impressed with your sneaker lights. Bravo!

Anthony G


It took me awhile to commit purchasing one of your lights, the reason for 4 stars is because there was a cheaper alternative on the market. However, after purchasing a cheaper neon light and having it break on me within the first 2 weeks I regret not coming to you guys first. 

Jeremy D


I've been searching for sneaker artwork for awhile now. I was really surprised to find that Sole Goods designed and created their own range of neon sneaker lamps, i ordered mine 3 days ago, cant wait for it to arrive, thanks SG. <3

John D


I will be honest i was sceptical at first, it looked too good to be true. I was really happy to receive my order in 7 days and i can tell you it was worth every cent, thank you to the Sole Goods team, my son will be so happy with the gift i got for him.

Maria S


The attention to detail is impressive, I've seen neon's made before and these are right up there with the best on the market.

Evan Q


Such a big fan of what you have done here, die hard sneaker heads will love this...

William T


I spent days researching for neon's like these, Sole Goods was the only company that was affordable and easy. I am really impressed with the efficient and friendly service, with an amazing collection of sneaker lamps. 

Julia P