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Help & FAQs

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Question: Are the neon lights water resistant?

Answer: If you get the neon glass tubes wet, there will be no issue at all, these are waterproof. However, there is a power supply on the back of the light which is not water resistant. We DO NOT recommend getting the power supply wet as it will cause the light to stop working.

Question: Are these neons easy to be installed and hanged?

Answer: Yes they are. The neon lights are manufactured with pre-drilled holes that hooks, screws or nails can fit into. The lights are also equipped with a protective metal cage that acts as a stand for easy display on a table, shelf, mantle or dresser. They can stand alone without any other need for support.

Question: If I'm buying from outside Australia, how can operate this neon light?

Answer: You will need to buy a plug adaptor that goes from an Australian plug to your standard plug for your country.

Question: Can I clean my neon light?

Answer: Yes, of course, our neon lights are water resistant and can be cleaned using a damp cloth, we recommend using a glass cleaner solution as it has the best result. Do not clean while the light is switched ON, turn OFF before cleaning.

Question: Can this neon sign light up a small bedroom? And is it enough to read by?

Answer: All three of our neon sneaker signs have enough brightness to warmly light up your bedroom, giving the perfect glow.

The neon lights are designed to be just the right brightness, so you are able to easily read a book beside it :)

Question: How many hours can these neon lights be used on a daily basis?

Answer: We safely recommend a daily usage of 10-14 hours of lighting. Try turning OFF the neon lights before sleeping/going to bed.

Question: How well is the product packed? Will the package be damaged during the transportation?

Answer: We provide the BEST packaging materials on the market, using packaging and sealing techniques that have been tested over many many months. These materials stop the vibration and shaking that may cause damage while being transported. We use only the best couriers such as DHL, TNT to give your package the absolute best treatment. However, we can not 100% guarantee their perfect delivery since the delivery is out of our control/hands. 

Question: What happens if I break a part of the neon?

Answer: This is okay, if you manage to accidentally break a section of your neon light please get into contact with us at and we can arrange to send replacement parts.

Question: Is the neon dimmable?

Answer: They are not dimmable.

Question: I have heard that some neon signs are loud. Is this neon light noisy at all?

Answer: Sole Goods neon signs are totally free from annoying buzzing noises. There is the faintest noise of electricity if you put your ear very close to the light, this is normal and means your neon light is operating perfectly. 

Question: How do you turn the neon sneaker light on/off?

Answer: There is a switch/button attached to the power cord that allows for quick on and off.



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What if my order is damaged upon arrival?

Our packaging is specifically designed to provide the ultimate protection for our products, however, due to unforeseeable circumstance, if the product is damaged upon arrival, please contact us at within 24 hours of receiving the order. You must attach a photo of the damaged product to apply for a return or replacement order. If the application is successful, all returns are at the expense of the customer. You will be required to cover both the postage cost to and from your address.

Neon Lamp Specifications

The lamp is designed to operate at 230V (50Hz) native to Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific.

If you are purchasing from the US or Japan, you will need to buy an Australian to US or Japan plug adaptor/transformer.

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